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There are only a few days until the official release of FIFA 18 to the market, more specifically on the 29th, although some may play it tomorrow, as long as they Dragon Mania Legends Android Hack booked some of the special editions of the game (even some Xbox and PC users have already been able to prove it). , among which I include myself). Before this imminent event, Ultimate Team users will be thinking about what team to create once they start this game mode, being able to combine both a low price and competitiveness. Therefore, I want to bring you several teams that I have been able to try, starting with one of the Russian League, an excellent option to be your first FUT 18 team.It is well known the FIFA 17 Coin Generator Hack existence of a good number of good and cheap players in the Russian Football Premier

League , due mainly to athletic qualities that are worth to raise physical matches and great intensity with which to surprise the opponent.

In that line will be, therefore, the team that we will see in this first chapter of this series. This, perfect for the lower divisions of FUT 18, as well as to start in the Squad Battles, will facilitate from the beginning to face your rivals.Let's see the analysis of this first template of FUT 18.          Analysis of the templateThe goal is certainly the only position that does not have, at least for now, a player with real guarantees. At least we can trust, as usual, Akinfeev , the most effective goalkeeper in this league.In defense, and as the main novelty this year, we have authentic solvents and solids plants. Who have played Ultimate Team in past editions, you will know that it has always been a demarcation without many quality alternatives. So, now with Mammana and Dzhikiya we locate two defenders with a lot of pace and strength capable of restraining the physical strikers that abound in this game mode. Next to them, two classics in the lanes for the Russian League, Smolnikov and Denisov , two players of offensive vocation ideal to open the game in attack.For the midfield , in the first instance, we are going to bet on a defensive midfielder like M'Vila , ideal to cut the opponent's game both high and low. At his side, Paredes and Manuel Fernandes , both quality players who will be the main connectors with the men above. The Portuguese is also a footballer of great arrival, FIFA 18 Coin generator PS4 Pro ideal for aggressive football that we want to raise.Already in the lead , we join two pure sprinters in the bands, Promes and Shatov, players who also have dribble and goal. To touch quickly with them is a delight, especially if we look for them behind the backs of the rivals. If, in addition to adding Smolov , we form an offensive trident with which to overwhelm our opponents on the basis of occasions.

Tactical aspectsThis template, which forms with the alignment 4-3-2-1 , is designed to practice a style of play based on direct football. That is, tried to steal the ball in the opposite field to quickly search for attacks on a regular basis.In addition, this style can be amplified thanks to the following Player Instructions.

In the same way, and as a novelty, I will indicate which are the most appropriate pitchers of the team, all in order that you choose wisely which players to choose for Player Functions .

Price and summaryAbout the price of this template, now, in the FIFA 18 Hack PC first days, if you move well in the market you can buy completely between 10,000 and 15,000 coins. That yes, as the days advance, will lower much the necessary amount.If you are looking for a first template for FUT 18, this is one of the best economic options to opt for. With physically remarkable players, and even outstanding in some cases, and with midfield quality up, we can master the meetings in these initial phases of the game.

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